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Unveiling the Magic of Namibian Marble: NAMAGRA and Xclusive set to Dazzle at Coverings Fair 2023

The stage is set, anticipation is building, and visitors to the 2023 Coverings Fair in Orlando, Florida are about to witness what makes Namibian marble so special!

NAMAGRA and Xclusive Marble Processing, two sister companies specializing in the mining and processing of high-quality marble are gearing up to attend the largest and most-significant ceramic tile and natural stone conference and exhibition in North America.

The popular fair features almost a thousand exhibitors from 35 countries and this year one of the stalls will showcase some of the most exquisite marble that Africa has to offer. Over twenty thousand distributors, retailers, contractors, architects, designers, builders, real estate developers, and journalists will be exposed to the elegance and sophistication of Namibia’s finest marble.

With 35 years of experience and knowledge under their toolbelts and a reputation for producing truly unique and beautiful marble, the NAMAGRA and Xclusive teams are preparing to present their latest designs, delight visitors with the quality of African craftsmanship, and educate the world about White Rhino/Bianco Rhino/Mystery White marble.

The elegance of White Rhino Marble adds a touch of refined sophistication to any space

One of their most sought-after products is called White Rhino marble, a name inspired by the strength and resilience of the white rhinoceros that roam the Namibian bushveld. The marble's striking white colour, with subtle grey, brown, or cream veining, also resembles the texture of rhino skin.

Drawing from nature, White Rhino marble gets its name from the majestic Namibian White rhinoceros

NAMAGRA is a family-run company that was founded in 1987. It is fully Namibian owned and very proud of three things: the quality of its marble, the excellence of its service, and its commitment to green mining, rehabilitation and community development.

In 2020 construction started on the newest expansion to the family business and in 2021 Xcluive Marble Processing started cutting, resining, reinforcing and polishing the top-class marble mined by their sister company, NAMAGRA.

Both companies are committed to sustainable marble mining and processing, implementing several eco-friendly measures to minimize their impact on the environment. These green mining techniques involve reducing the amount of waste generated during the extraction process, using solar power as an energy source and restoring the mined areas to their natural state once the extraction process is complete.

Using Namibia's solar-friendly sunny days to power production

The Coverings Fair provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the latest marble products, technologies, and designs to a truly massive audience. It’s a wonderful chance to teach the world about the cutting-edge machinery used in marble processing and show the excellent craftsmanship that goes into creating timeless marble products.

Soon Namibian marble will be trending at Coverings

The beautiful African marble presented is sure to inspire the designers, architects, and artists visiting the event and NAMAGRA and Xclusive will no doubt do Namibia proud!

Follow NAMAGRA and Xclusive on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with their journey and stay up-to-date on the latest products, designs, and technologies in the industry.

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