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Our Marble Slabs

On 3rd August 2020 we started with the construction of a new marble processing plant, to produce resined and polished marble slabs for export to international markets. Our plant was completed in April 2021 and started with full production by May 2021. We offer our customers an online portal to register and view our products as they are completed and ready for reservation / purchase.

Xclusive Marble Processing plant interior

Xclusive Marble Processing processes marble blocks into 2cm / 3cm slabs, with top and bottom resining with reinforcement and polishing of slabs.

Slabs are bundled and visible on our online portal. Registration to access the online portal shop will be an requirement. Reservation of slab bundles is possible and you automatically receive a summary proforma invoice.

Xclusive Marble Processing plant aerial view
Xclusive Marble Processing marble cutting
Xclusive Marble Processing marble polishing
Xclusive Marble Processing marble slab shipping
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